Canon G1 X Mark III – What you need to know

Canon’s G1 X Mark III is, as the name implies, the third iteration in the company’s range-topping large-sensor enthusiast compact series. However, what the name doesn’t make clear is that it’s a significant departure from its predecessors, in terms of both size and capability.

Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III

Rather than mimicking one of the older G series modes, as the original G1 X did, the Mark III most closely resembles the 1″-sensored G5 X: a small, thin body with lots of direct control and a centrally mounted electronic viewfinder. Unlike that model, it’s sealed, to be weather resistant.

Sensor size difference

Unlike the G5 X, though, the G1 X III does not use a 1″-type sensor. Despite being packaged in a smaller body than its immediate predecessor, Canon has managed to fit a larger sensor into the camera. It’s a full APS-C-sized sensor or, at least, the Canon 1.6x crop version of that format.

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