Canon EOS 77D review: DSLR megastar, or one model number too far?

You’ve probably heard it time and again: “cameras are dying”. Well, not if Canon has anything to do with it.

The Japanese camera maker seems to be investing in a DSLR for every user level, with the latest EOS 77D fitting into the range beneath its 80D mid-ranger to carve out a new sub-category for those seeking a more affordable option. The main difference? The 77D does away with the water-resistant body.

Priced at £829/$1243.5, the 77D isn’t cheap, but it’s lighter on the wallet than the 80D was at launch. So if you don’t need every single bell and whistle feature, is this the most sensible sub-mid level DSLR to buy or simply an additional body to line the store shelves?

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