Canary Flex security camera review : The perfect companion to the original Canary

The Canary Flex is a no brainer if you’ve already bought into the Canary ecosystem, but there are better alternatives for first-time security camera buyers.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Canary Flex

Canary’s second home security product, the Canary Flex, isn’t as ambitious as its first. It’s a small indoor/outdoor camera with a magnetic mount, and it can operate on either battery or AC power. It has night vision, a passive infrared motion sensor, a three-axis accelerometer, an onboard mic, and a currently non-functional speaker, but it doesn’t have a siren or any of the environmental sensors that are packed into its strictly indoor stablemate. You don’t need to own the original Canary to deploy the Canary Flex, but the Flex is a terrific companion for that device if you do.

The Canary Flex is supremely easy to set up. Once you’ve installed the app on your smartphone, it will link to the camera via Bluetooth LE and then sniff out nearby Wi-Fi networks. Tell it which one to join, provide the network password, and you’re done.

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