BloomSky Sky2 Weather Camera Station review

The $300 BloomSky Sky2 Weather Camera has a list of features that will impress even die-hard weather geeks. It offers the usual array of climate sensors found on weather systems popular among amateur meteorologists and science educators. It can detect temperature, wind speed, rain and air pressure, plus it draws its electrical power from the sun. What makes the BloomSky Sky2 truly unique are its HD camera, its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios, its companion mobile app and the way it ties in with other smart home gadgets and services.

The Sky2 is expensive even if it’s priced competitively against traditional options from weather station specialists Davis and Acurite. Buying a kit like this only really makes sense if it’s in your job description or you have a serious weather fetish and money to burn. Ordinary people with merely a casual interest in local atmospheric conditions are better off consulting a mobile app or choosing a less expensive device such as the $179 Netatmo Weather Station. It doesn’t have a camera or solar power, but the Netatmo is a snap to deploy, and monitors your home environment too.

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