Best Compact Smartphones For Photography 2018

If you’re looking for a phone that’s small enough to fit into your pocket but that also takes good images, you’re in the right place. Camera phone technology has come on leaps and bounds meaning that even the smaller smartphone models now have the photographic capabilities of their larger counterparts, as well as storage and RAM capabilities to rival the best of them.

Not everyone wants a huge phablet, so here we’ve rounded up the best handsets that offer fantastic imaging opportunities without being cumbersome to carry around. Everyone has different thoughts on what’s classed as small in today’s market but we’ve opted to only include phones that have a screen size of roughly 5 inches or less corner to corner.

Looking for a larger handset? Check out our 12 best camera phones for photography 2018 or if you’re on a tight budget, our best budget camera phones for photography under £300/$420 article might suit.

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