5 Best Superzoom Lenses

If you’re after a lens with a focal range wide enough to cover most day-to-day situations, then your best bet is superzoom. Here are our pick of the five best superzoom lenses

The all-in-one ‘superzoom’ tends to get a bad press. Conventional wisdom states that zooms with a more limited 4x range can be very good, but extend that to 10x or more and the technical and engineering compromises become too big to overcome and image quality suffers. Because of this many photographers prefer to carry two zooms to cover 18-200mm – typically an 18-55mm kit lens and a 55-200mm telephoto. A superzoom has advantages over carrying multiple lenses though, as they allow you to cover a huge focal range without having to change lenses. This makes them especially useful if changing lenses every five minutes is impractical, or if you’re travelling and want to keep your kit to a minimum. Here are five of the best examples.

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