10 Key Differences Between the Panasonic GX7 and GX85 / GX80

Of all the mirrorless cameras we’ve tested, the Panasonic GX7 was the model we grew to like the most. At the time, it was packed with the latest technology and was something of a “Goldilocks” camera –neither too big nor too small but just the right size.

As such, the GX8 came as a bit of a shock. Although it was labelled the successor to the GX7, the body size had increased to the point that it could no longer be called compact, which was an aspect many loved about the GX7.

Now it seems that Panasonic has returned to the ethos of the GX7 by releasing a middle-ground model, the GX85. (Just to complicate matters, it is known as the GX80 in the UK and Europe and the GX7 II in Japan.) The new GX85 incorporates much of the high-end technology found inside the GX8 but retains the smaller dimensions of the GX7.

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