YG Acoustics Carmel 2 review

Never heard of YG Acoustics? We wouldn’t blame you.

Founded in 2002, the company has had a pretty low profile in the UK – but in its home market, the Denver-based high-end speaker specialist has built an enviable reputation around its impressively engineered speakers. It’s seen as a strong alternative to established US brands such as Wilson Audio.

Entry-level is very much a relative term. YG Acoustics currently makes four different speaker models – these Carmel 2s are the smallest and the cheapest. If you want compact two-way floorstanders, this is YG’s offering.


What does £25,000/$27,500 get you? A crisply hewn metal cabinet, for starters. The standard finish is black, but if you want another colour (such as the red of our sample), the price rises to £27,500/$41,250.

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