Yamaha RV-X481 review

Yamaha has been hammering away at the AV anvil for a good while now, and many of its receiver products gleam like Excalibur. One fine examples is the RX-V481, a well-honed blade with a good balance of must-have features and superb sound quality for the buck.


Yamaha’s MusicCast multiroom system and Bluetooth in/out highlight a solid feature set. Our only disappointment is that Yamaha cut the number of HDMI ports on this unit from six to four. The consolation is that all are state-of-the-art, with the ability to carry 4K signals with all the latest HDRinformation still attached.

Performance of the RX-V481 is a little better than the RX-V479 it replaces, but Yamaha’s competitors, namely Sony and Pioneer, have also made gains in 2016. For example, the Sony STR-DN1070 offers better features and better sound than the Yamaha, although it is somewhat more expensive. If you want a high-quality weapon in your home theater arsenal but want to stay on a midrange budget, the V481, available now for $399, £399 in the UK or AU$849 in Australia, is a winning choice.

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