UE Wonderboom review

The phrase “Plug and play” doesn’t really apply to wireless speakers, not least because playing via Bluetooth means there’s nothing to plug in as such.

If there were, however, the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom would certainly fit that category. It’s simple to set up, will survive being bashed around, and has great sound to boot.


The Wonderboom might be about as big as a coffee mug, but it certainly won’t break quite so easily.

UE says you can drop this speaker from up to 5ft without any concerns about damaging it. We tried it a few times without issue, but of course it’s probably better to take a bit more care.

And with summer fast approaching, it’s handy this speaker can be taken to the pool or beach. An IPX7 rating means it’ll survive being in water for up to 30 minutes. You don’t have to worry about losing it to the depths either – the Wonderboom floats.

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