Ubiquiti Labs Amplifi HD Wi-Fi router review : A different take on the mesh network

It’s not as fast as the new tri-band mesh routers that offer a dedicated network for data backhaul, but it is a solid value.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Ubiquiti Labs Amplifi HD Wi-Fi router

Note: This review is based on the performance of the Amplifi HD with Windows clients. If you’d like to read a version with analysis based on performance with Mac clients, follow this link.

Ubiquiti Labs is a relatively new player in the consumer router market, but it’s no babe in the woods. It’s a division of Ubiquiti Networks, a well-regarded manufacturer of enterprise and service-provider networking solutions, and an early player in the mesh-networking market. The company announced its first consumer product back in May 2016, but the model reviewed here is significantly better than that one.

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