TiO Home Automation System Review

The folks at TiO (short for “Turn it On”) claim they’re taking “an entirely fresh approach to home automation” with a philosophy that considers the user to be the most important part of a TiO system. In other words, if a home automation system were a round hole and the user a square peg, the manufacturer should re-engineer the hardware hole into a square rather than force the user to become a round peg. Of course, making things truly and honest-to-goodness-ly easy for the user is way, way simpler to pontificate about than it is to accomplish.

Here’s a brief overview of TiO. To begin with, TiO is definitely not DIY. So if you’re allergic to paying someone to install gear, this isn’t for you. If the benefits of having a pro do the work (and the inevitable troubleshooting) are worthwhile to you, read on. Can’t decide? Stick around, because the ability the user has to simply and near-instantly customize the way the TiO system operates (on both a day-to-day basis and a scheduled one), without having to pay for a service call from a TiO dealer, could be very appealing to you. The other main bit to know is that, unlike a lot of systems that specialize in one aspect of home automation (such as lighting or security), TiO is a “jack of all automations” system that’s capable of governing your home (lights, motors, cameras, etc.) as well as your home entertainment gear, including wholehouse audio distribution. Added to everything else TiO can do, its A/V integration gives it a significant leg up on other home automation systems.

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