The Top 10 Wireless Outdoor Speakers of 2017

Having wireless outdoor speakers at your pool, deck and patio areas can greatly enhance your outdoor experience. As you swim by the pool or party with your friends, your guests can enjoy their favorite soundtracks while controlling these outdoor speakers from their Bluetooth devices. Some of these wireless outdoor speakers are portable too, making them suitable for camping or for use on the beach or even on a boat ride with their all-weather resistant design. Here are the top 10 wireless outdoor speakers that stand out for their quality material construction and stellar audio performance, producing full and rich sound in outdoor spaces while connecting seamlessly to our Bluetooth devices at long range.

#1 Grace Digital Mini-Bullet II Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Grace Digital Wireless Outdoor Speakers

The Grace Digital Mini-Bullet II are a set of very good wireless outdoor speakers with water resistance and decent sound at this price range. The two wireless auto-tune stereo speakers feature automatic level control, as well as Double Bass Boost (DBB) on each speaker for a richer and fuller range sound. A single color mood light adds ambience to night time outdoor listening, which we felt was a nice added touch. An LED power indicator on the transmitter and speakers and an LED auto-tune indicator on each speaker constantly reports the system status.

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