The 3 HomePod settings you need to know

Apple’s HomePod has arrived, and while the super-simple setup process may make a great first impression, there are a few other settings and menus it’s worth getting to grips with. The smart speaker offers voice-controlled access to not only your Apple Music account but potentially to messages and more on your iPhone, too. Some users are going to love that, but others may want to know the three key settings and menus they need to get master control over HomePod. Happily, we’ve got you covered.

Turn off “Personal Requests”

HomePod’s integration with your iPhone doesn’t end when the setup process is finished. As long as the two devices are on the same WiFi network, you can use HomePod to send and hear your iPhone’s messages, add reminders, and create notes. Apple calls it “Personal Requests,” though right now HomePod isn’t entirely personal.

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