Teenage Engineering x IKEA FREKVENS Portable Speaker review

A bite-sized piece of Teenage Engineering design.

You know when you’re trying to be conscious about what you buy because you’re already over budget for the month, but then you see something that you just have to have? That’s what happened with me when I saw that Teenage Engineering (the company behind the OP-1 and OP-Z synthesizers, which i also love) and IKEA partnered up for the release of a few unique gadgets, including a few speakers. The one that caught my eye almost immediately, was a small, pocketable black speaker that reminded me of something like a prototype Walkman from back in the day. So when my local IKEA opened at 10am, I was one of the first people to walk through the doors to check out the new Frekvens (Swedish for frequency) collab. I’ve had it for about a week now and put it through its paces, so let’s dig in.

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