Technics SL-1200GR Hands on Review

The launch of a new Technics SL1200GR turntable at CES 2017 created a stir of seismic proportions, and we were the first in the queue for a listen…

When Technics resurrected its SL1200 turntable last year as the SL1200G, the response was one of rhapsodic excitement tinged with horror at the unashamedly hefty price. Now at CES 2017, the company has launched the SL1200GR, a ‘standard’ version of the SL1200G ‘premium’ model.

Design and features

There’s not much room for manoeuvre where the design of record players is concerned, and Technics has wisely decided to leave well enough alone with the SL1200GR. At a glance, it could be a deck from any time in the last three decades, with only the pitch control and stroboscope being any kind of departure from the record player norm.

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