SVS PB16-Ultra and SB16-Ultra Subwoofers Review

I’ve had a home theater going on 20 years now, and one thing has remained constant through those years: upgrades. It got so bad at one point that my wife had me enter into a contract with her in 2004 that my latest subwoofer upgrade would be my last for the next 10 years. Desperate to make the purchase, I reluctantly agreed and signed my name on the dotted line. Fortunately, the subwoofer just happened to be an SVS PC-Ultra, a cylindrical monster that kept my subwoofer itch scratched for a full decade. But as soon as the contract was up in 2014, I did add a second subwoofer to the mix, a Hsu VTF-15H MK2, which has been filling my room with copious amounts of bass ever since.

As a reviewer, I’m fortunate enough to sample subs in my own home and see how they stack up against my reference gear, though most have been of the compact variety. Then I found out that I had two subwoofers headed my way that are among the biggest—and heaviest—I’d ever auditioned, the SVS PB16-Ultra ($2,499) and SB16-Ultra ($1,999).

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