Steljes Audio ML-30HD Integrated Amplifier Review

What is the Steljes Audio ML-30HD?

The Steljes Audio ML-30HD is an integrated amplifier. A quick look at the basic layout in the pictures should be enough to tell you that the manner in which Steljes has gone about making such a device is a little bit different to more conventionally accepted practise in this area. We’ll cover the specs thoroughly in due course but suffice to say that combining as it does, Bluetooth, USB and a phono stage, the ML-30HD is very on-message for 2016.

The presence of the valve sticking out the top is also pretty much of the moment. We have recently looked at the Copland DAC 215 which made use of valves in it but the position of Copland in such matters is that through careful implementation of the circuit they are in, valves retain advantages over their solid state brethren. There is also little arguing that valves give products a look and feel that is hard to replicate any other way and, while preconceptions are dangerous things, it seems more than possible that Steljes might be making as much use of the aesthetics of valves as any performance gain.

Steljes Audio ML-30HD Integrated Amplifier Review

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