Sony VPL-VW520ES review

We know what you’re thinking: what does a projector have to do to justify a near-£9k price tag? You could buy a brand new car for that. Well, Sony has done some second-guessing and, as a result, given its top-tiering VPL-VW520ES everything you might (realistically) want from a 2016 projector.

That means it’s native 4K (of course!) like its predecessor, the VPL-VW500ES, and the five-star VPL-VW300ES we saw last summer. Sony’s proprietary SXRD system, which uniquely uses LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology – almost a cross between the usual DLP and LCD technologies – is still the only one currently offering native 4K playback, with rivals JVC and Epson only venturing as far as ‘faux-K’ projection.

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