Sony HT-NT5 Soundbar review

In a world where soundbars are largely regarded as functional necessities rather than proper audio kit, it’s reassuring to encounter the Sony HT-NT5. This £599, $700US, AU$999 2.1 sound system is a cut above the commonplace, both in form and function. With a Hi-Res Audio badge to indicate solidarity with 24-bit sound sources, and some touches of designer flash in the cosmetics, it’s an intriguing proposition.

Sitting at the top of Sony’s 2016 soundbar line-up, the HT-NT5 system comprises a wireless subwoofer and slimline soundbar. The latter boasts a smart hairline finish, and features a three-way speaker design comprising a pair of mid-range drivers, flanked by a gold-ringed high-frequency super tweeter and a secondary tweeter on the edge of the unit. Inside, there’s a Sony S Master digital amp module for every driver.

Around the back are two connection wells, one with an Arc-enabled HDMI output, plus two inputs, the other with a third HDMI, plus optical digital input and Ethernet. All three HDMI inputs support 4K Ultra HD sources. There’s also a USB port on the right hand side and Wi-Fi, for the record, is dual-band.

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