Sony announces “Ready for PlayStation 5” Bravia TVs set to support gaming at 8K and 120fps

Sony has announced a new promotion known as “Ready for PlayStation 5” for its existing line of Bravia TVs, letting gamers know exactly what display is optimised for next-gen gaming. 

While this announcement isn’t unveiling a selection of new displays, it is highlighting exactly which ones will work perfectly with the upcoming PS5 console at 4K and 120fps. 

Some of the first televisions to sport the “Ready for PlayStation 5” branding will be the XH90 4K HDR Full Array LED and ZH8 8K HDR Full Array LED models. The former is capable of running up to 4K resolutions at 120fps with a fairly low input latency of 7.2ms. 

The ZH8 can display incredibly detailed images at an 8K resolution once again at 120fps, but Sony notes that this resolution will differ heavily depending on the game being played.

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