Sky Soundbox review

“Is it a soundbar? Is it a speaker? No, it’s a Soundbox!” And a Soundbox actually appears to be a cross between the two.

“Does it cost £250/$330? £300/$396? £800/$1056?” is another question that should have a more obvious answer than it does.


We’ve become familiar to soundbars taking the form of, well, a bar – but the Soundbox is closer to the size and shape of a giant lunchbox.

Even though its large proportions (37.5cm wide by 21cm deep) barely differ to that of a Sky Q box, that depth does demand plenty of room on a rack in front of your telly.

It feels well made, as does the neat and compact remote control, but we wouldn’t be tempted to put anything on top of it – or next to it, for that matter. Sky suggests you leave 15cm either side of the box to let the side-firing drivers do their work.

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