Shure KSE1500 review

We’re no strangers to premium priced gear at What Hi-Fi?, but even we took a collective gasp at the £2500/$3750 price tag attached to Shure’s new range-topping in-ears, the KSE1500.

In-ears have a hard time with perceived value at the best of times, but before you write these Shures off as an exorbitant luxury for those with more money than sense, take a closer look.

Once we started delving into the technology and engineering involved that scary price looked more understandable.


The KSE1500s use electrostatic drivers. It’s the first time we’ve reviewed in-ears with this technology, and it gets us thinking that these headphones might be worth taking seriously.

Electrostatic technology is rare, and for good reason. The working principle is fairly straightforward, involving a very light diaphragm loaded with static charge placed between two metal grids.

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