Should You Update Kodi On Your Firestick?

Kodi is one of the best apps you can install on your Firestick. It is recommended as it can convert your whole television into a free box office. Kodi has also stayed with the times. It was initially released in 2003 and has been running since.

This brings us to the question – should you install the new update Kodi On Your Firestick? The answer is simple – if you need to. Kodi will make your Firestick experience a fulfilling one with its lovely features. This article will discuss how this app can improve your Firestick experience. 

What is Kodi?

Designed to improve the entertainment at home, primarily used with Amazon Fire Stick, Kodi is an open-source software first released by Xbox. By open-source, what one means is that it is free for people to access and gets constantly upgrades by developers worldwide. 

You can customise your personal Kodi space using add-ons or builds which are entirely free to use on the internet. While it is not available on the Amazon App Store for your Fire Stick, it can be installed on it using an app called Downloader. 

Using Kodi can give you access to millions of shows, movies, and series right at the convenience of your living room. 

Why Does Kodi Release Updates?

Like most software, Kodi also needs to have new updates to maintain bug fixes or add new features. On top of that, it is not so that Kodi keeps releasing updates frequently – instead, the addons or builds that you put on your Kodi need updating. Since there are so many new updates for apps, you get messages for them.

Benefits of Updating Kodi on Firestick

The latest Kodi software, Kodi ‘Matrix’ 19, was released recently last year, and the newest version, Matrix 19.4, has come with its benefits. The following benefits from installing the latest update on your Kodi software on Fire Stick. 

  1. New Security Tools

The Kodi security system has been updated, and you get a better overview of the source of your addons. You will be able to see whether you should enable them and the outcomes of installing them on your Kodi.

  1. Subtitle Improvement

There was an issue before with the earlier updates of Kodi regarding subtitles. The semicolon is added in version 19.4, and the Chinese keyboard has also been fixed. You can select a new dark grey color for your subtitles – but most importantly, getting subtitles from any third-party source has become possible.

  1. Interface Optimised

Minor changes to the interface and designs have been made to make Kodi easier to use and read. The application has become more simplified, and small changes are noticeable in on-screen designs – especially for music. 

If you want to install the new update of Kodi 19.4, check out this extensive guide.

Benefits of Matrix 19.4 

  • The home screen content menu is fixed, and more than ten items can be available on the menu. 
  • The time for the Seekbar to remain on the screen has been increased, and it shall not disappear when using the remote app.
  • Recordings can be sorted based on episode and season. 

The official Kodi website itself states that there is no need to update your version to 19.4 as there are no significant changes, only basic bug fixes. Hence, you can continue using whatever version of Kodi Matrix 19. 

Are There Any Limitations to Kodi? 

While Kodi has a wide variety of functions and tools for us to use, it has a few limitations. 

Even in the latest version of Kodi, these are problems that users still face. 

  • Kodi’s media players (DVDPlayer and PAPlayer) do not support files that have been protected or encrypted by Digital Rights Management (DRM).  
  • Audio files can be used by only purchasing tracks from either iTunes Music Store,, or Windows Media Player Stores.
  • Files in video format and protected with Windows Media DRM or DivX cannot be played on Kodi. 

Kodi is not the best for playing media files – especially audio. Everything related to music has to be carried out through third-party tools. Additionally, the only way that protected audio and video files can be played is by removing DRM protection or through another media player which supports DRM.

Final Thoughts

While being updated is a good thing when using Kodi, since you get to use all its features, there is no necessity as long as you are satisfied with your experience. Some reviews online have mentioned that Kodi can get slower when not updated, so if that is the case with you, it is recommended you update it. 

Otherwise, since there are many new updates to Kodi, and your television does not demand you to switch to the latest version, it is entirely okay to continue using the former version of the software. 

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