Sbode M400 Bluetooth speaker review: Fantastic features, but not much bass

This portable speaker comes close to perfection, except in its lack of thump.

If this $50 weatherized speaker’s audio performance matched its comprehensive feature set, it would stomp the competition. But the M400 sounds only so-so, even when two are paired for stereo reproduction. We can’t wait for them to send us something not limited by size and waterproof materials.

If we cared only about features and ease of operation, the $50 Sbode M400 Bluetooth speaker would be a serious contender. It’s weather-resistant, it can play music stored on a microSD card, it can double as a speakerphone, it can be paired with a second M400 for true stereo reproduction; heck, it even has an old-fashioned FM radio onboard. About the only thing missing is the ability to charge other mobile devices via USB.

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