REL S/510 Subwoofer Review

Serie S amounts of bass

What is the REL S/510?

The REL S/510 is the entry-level model in the company’s mid-range Serie S line-up of subwoofers. This sealed unit sports a forward-firing 10-inch driver, combined with a 12-inch downward-firing passive radiator for deeper bass extension.

Like its big brother the S/812 it has a revised cabinet, sits on rails instead of feet, uses an upgraded 500W NextGen5 amplifier for more power, and has a redesigned ultra-lightweight ContinuousCast alloy cone to handle the increased excursion.

An improved filter allows the LFE channel to deliver greater output, while the high-level and low-level inputs use a new PerfectFilter. This redesigned sub can also be stacked up to three units high, if that’s your thing (and REL would certainly like it to be).

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