Rega Aura review : Impressive phono stage, provided your system is up to it

The idea of a phono stage from Rega Research costing nearly £4000 is still surprising. It’s not that the company can’t make products at this level – it has done so for many years – but with the heart of the brand so clearly at more affordable levels, it makes the Aura stand out.

Rega is ever mindful of value, and so has been careful to avoid the current fashion for outlandish prices, even for its most premium products. The limited edition hand-built Naiad record player (£30,000) aside, all are pitched at the first step of high-end hi-fi, with the Isis CD player and Osiris integrated coming in at around £6,500. Surprisingly, the current series production range-topping turntable, the RP10, tops out at a relatively modest £3149 without cartridge.

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