Quad Z-4 Floorstanding Speaker Review : The Quad is big but also rather clever

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Quad Z-4 Floorstanding Speaker Review

What is the Quad Z-4?

The Quad Z-4 is the largest box speaker in the company’s inventory, although it’s important to note that Quad is also the producer of spectacular but rather bulky electrostatic based designs. While Quad is perhaps more famous for their electrostatic designs – they have been making them for over 60 years – the company has also been a surprisingly prolific producer of box speaker designs and really got into its stride with the L series models from the early years of this century.

The use of Z as the Series letter for this range of speakers is pretty telling as it suggests that unless Quad is going to pilfer a different alphabet, this is the last word in their take in box speakers. Given that the Z-4 is a fairly hefty £3,200/$4,800, this does put us into fairly rarefied territory but as we are slowly assembling a database of models at this price point we now at least have a few points of comparison to it – not least the similarly imposing Sonus faber Venere S.

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