Qobuz Sublime+ review

Qobuz, the French streaming-and-download service, has a new top tier called Sublime+. And it’s safe to say the company is bullish about it, calling it “the best music subscription in the world”.

Although we’ve expressed reservations about its interface, about the depth and breadth of its catalogue, and about its price, we’ve been fundamentally positive about Qobuz since it became an international brand in 2013. And this despite its well-documented tribulations.

Our positivity peaked towards the end of 2016, when we reviewed Sublime, Qobuz’s hybrid streaming-and-download tier. Combining CD-quality (16-bit/44.1kHz) streaming with hefty discounts on hi-res (24-bit/44.1kHz – 24-bit/192kHz) downloads (which could be streamed natively once downloaded), it made off with the full five stars.

Since then, rival Tidal has upped the hi-res streaming ante with its Masters tier, which utilises MQA technology to stream an extensive catalogue in better-than-CD quality.

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