Polk Magnifi Mini Compact Soundbar Review : Don’t be fooled by the size, it sounds big!

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Polk Magnifi Mini Compact Soundbar

What is the Polk Magnifi Mini?

The Polk Magnifi Mini is an ultra-compact soundbar that is clearly aimed at those of us with limited space. This particular part of the soundbar market has seen significant growth in the last couple of years as manufacturers realise that not everyone has room for a massive soundbar in their lounge or they want to improve the sound of the TVs in other rooms in the house. Polk’s solution to this particular issue is to create a smaller soundbar unit that uses a five driver layout within its diminutive chassis to produce a wider front soundstage. Once you include the matching wireless active subwoofer for added bass, you should have a combination that can handle the average UK living space. The Magnifi Mini also has a decent set of features but at a price of £349/$523 at the time of writing (February 2017). So let’s see if the Mini can live up to its billing of delivering a huge sound from a mini soundbar.

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Limited mode
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