Pioneer Rayz Plus review

You’d be forgiven in thinking that the removal of the 3.5mm auxiliary jack from the latest set of Apple devices was a bad idea. After all, the audio jack has existed as the default means to carry audio for the last century while the Lightning Port only has a mere five years under its belt.

But maybe, just maybe, if the $149 (around £115, AU$190) Pioneer Rayz Plus is any indication, the future won’t be so bad.


The Pioneer Rayz, one of the first big-name headphones to utilize all the capabilities the iPhone’s lightning port has to offer, is that courageous future Tim Cook pitched us on one short year ago: For those looking for a pair of decent in-ear, Apple-compliant headphones that have roughly hewn noise-cancellation and a few very neat smart features without breaking the bank, the Pioneer Rayz Plus are the drivers for you.

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