Pioneer N-70AE review

If today’s typical music streamer were an animal, it could well be the tardigrade. Nicknamed the water bear, and labelled “the world’s most indestructible creature”, the tardigrade can survive being boiled, frozen and crushed. And as well as being indestructible, is also highly versatile.

With the music streaming ecosystem growing at a rapid rate, streamers not only have to cater for subscribers to multiple music services, but also those with NAS drives full of hi-res music in various file formats and anyone wanting to connect other digital components to it. On top of that, they also have to sound better than the competition.

It’s been two years since we reviewed the Pioneer N-70A and, while the name of the brand’s latest flagship has barely changed, the competition has moved on significantly.

Indeed, there’s a Cambridge Audio Azur 851N–shaped ceiling for the Pioneer N-70AE to break through at the top of the market.\

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