Panasonic DMP-UB900 vs Samsung UBD-K8500 review

The Chosen One will bring light to shadow and change our perception of reality, generally ushering in an age of clarity and enlightenment. So says the legend anyway.

But it’s not really a legend. Ultra HD Blu-ray is a real thing. It genuinely can bring you 4K resolution, billions of colours and high dynamic range.

We’ve been talking about the new format for so long that it had begun to feel like the stuff of fantasy. Then it arrived, swiftly followed by the first Ultra HD Blu-ray players. The time for theory is over. Now we must apply.

Panasonic has the DMP-UB900, Samsung has the UBD-K8500, and we have them both. But which one is worthy? Which one will do your AV temple proud?

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