Onkyo TX-RZ1100 A/V Receiver Review

Onkyo must not have gotten the memo about Class D–powered audio gear being smaller, svelter, lighter. The company’s new topmodel-but-one TX-RZ1100 is an imposing object 8 inches tall, and while the receiver’s 43-pound weight poses no challenge to the seemingly 100-pounders of yesteryear, it’s not exactly nothing, either.

Nevertheless, the newest Onkyo is indeed a Class D design. The marketing materials refer to it as “Onkyo High-Current Digital Amplification,” which raises my hackles slightly since Class D isn’t “digital” in the digital-audio sense, but that is discussed in my recent online article about amplifiers (found at soundandvision.com). The TX-RZ1100 does have, however, a fully nine-channel layout, rated at 140 watts each with channels driven in pairs. That’s a lot of pretty substantial channels for any receiver, whatever the topology, and it explains both the unit’s overall heft and the weighty-on-its-own, rather un-Class-D-like power transformer I found residing inside.

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