Onkyo T3 review

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Onkyo T3 review

The Onkyo T3 is little. Really little. Onkyo rates it at 250g. File this little chap under ‘travel speaker’ and you won’t go far wrong.

Expect anything more and you’ll likely be left waiting like a forlorn traveller at the wrong baggage carousel.


The T3 is a classy-feeling speaker. Our unit, classed online as ‘white’ but really more a mix of copper, cream and white, channels an ’80s vibe.

If Bluetooth had been on the high-street back then – Hedy Lamaar’s 1942 invention was a bit of a slow starter, languishing for some time with the US Navy – this look would’ve gone down well.

The copper-coloured grille blends smartly with the white edging and the supplied cream cover protects your T3 from all manner of on-the-go dangers – in other words, your scratchy keys.

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