Numark TT250USB Turntable Review

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What is the Numark TT250USB?

The Numark TT250USB is a direct drive turntable aimed squarely at the budding DJ and to this end it comes with a selection of features that are firmly designed to help it function ‘in da club.’ However, it also has all the features that you might reasonably expect a home turntable to have on it as well. Given that the Numark is yours for £220/$330, this asks some interesting questions about whether it is an idealstarter deck for home use as well.

The thinking is solid enough. Some home audio brands make turntables from a relatively similar price – £250/$375 or so – but when you start to look at the relative features that the Numark offers, they can look somewhat parsimonious by comparison. Of course, there are some understandable misgivings about cheap pro audio turntables – there is a reason why mint condition 12 inch copies of many seminal club records are so expensive – so does the Numark deliver at a domestic level as well as a semi pro one. It’s time to fire up this wheel of steel and see what it can do.

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