Nintendo Labo review: A labor of love

Over the last week, I’ve spent more than 20 hours folding and assembling cardboard, and I’ve learned a few things. One: You don’t want to follow exactly in my footsteps. And two: Nintendo’s Labo is ingenious. It’s something few other companies could have produced and turns the Switch into so much more than a game console: With Labo, it’s an engine powering a whole new world of DIY creations. The only downside? Building Labo kits can be a pretty huge time sink. But for some, that might be a good thing.


The Variety Kit is the best introduction to Nintendo’s Labo; it packs in several Toy-Cons and a gentle learning curve. You’ll have a blast building and playing — though you’ll probably get tired of some games quickly. And durability is still an issue. It’s still cardboard, after all.

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