Ninety7 Vaux Review: Echo Dot speaker-battery cuts Alexa’s cord

It’s easy to get hooked on having Amazon Alexa around, but though the affordable Echo Dot’s always-listening microphones are good, there’s no beating the true portability of a battery-powered speaker. Rather than splash out on an Amazon Tap, though, Nintey7’s Vaux offers an upgrade route to make an Echo Dot mobile. For $49.95 you can not only cut the power cord, but boost Alexa‘s volume in the process.

At first glance you could mistake Vaux for a Sonos PLAY:1. At about 6.4-inches tall it has a square base but tapers in slightly to a circular top. Almost all of the sides are clad in fabric, either ash gray or black. The base is non-slip rubber. It’s not really eye-catching, but it feels sturdy and well constructed.

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