New Nest Aware vs Old: Should you upgrade?

The new Nest Aware subscriptions look cheap on the surface but are they really better value? We answer all of your questions in our New Nest Aware vs Old guide.

Nest Aware has consistently been one of the best cloud storage services for security cameras, although it has always been relatively expensive, increasing in price with every camera that you add.

That now changes with the New Nest Aware subscription, which gives you a monthly price for all of your cameras. Here we compare New Nest Aware vs Old, should you upgrade?

New Nest Aware vs Old – What’s the difference?

With the Old Nest Aware you paid a price per camera. The amount you paid, depended on the type of account you had, but the most popular one was £4 a month (£40 a year), which got you continuous recording and five-days of video storage. There was then a small discount for each additional camera that you added: each additional camera on a five-day plan cost an extra £3 a month.

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