Naim Uniti Nova review

While we’re concerned, first and foremost, with getting absolutely the best sound quality at any given price, we’re not so dogmatic that we don’t want as much convenience as possible while we’re at it.

The days of hi-fi manufacturers using a lack of practicality as a mark of authenticity are long gone, and that’s thanks, in part, to the work done by Naim. The company hasn’t forsaken its high-end heritage – just look at its recent Statement amplification, for example.

But with products like the Award-winning Mu-so and, more recently, the Uniti Atom it has managed to combine good performance with unarguable convenience, usability, build quality and design. It has managed to retain its aura of high-end hi-fi serious-mindedness at the same time.

Which brings us to the Naim Uniti Nova. It sits higher up the Uniti range than the Atom we so admire – that’s obvious from both the size of the box and the price attached to it.

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