Monster Superstar RaveBox Review: A Booming But Flawed Party Speaker

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Monster Superstar RaveBox

Some Bluetooth speakers are meant to play really loud audio, some are designed to be extremely portable and others are made to be on the forefront of product design and technology. The $429 Monster Superstar RaveBox does a little bit of everything, offering loud, clear audio with a dome of flashing lights that makes the speaker a virtual party in a box — albeit a large and expensive one. However, the absence of essential buttons and a karaoke microphone is a puzzling choice that keeps the RaveBox from reaching its full potential.


The RaveBox, the second product in Monster”s boom-box series, takes its design cues from the Monster Blaster. Similarly styled with a rounded, triangular shape; a padded carrying handle; and aluminum grilles, the RaveBox is a modern take on the boom box that adds a few new features.

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