Mobvoi TicHome Mini review

The smart speaker revolution is in full swing. The Amazon Echo and Echo Dotopened the floodgates for voice-activated speakers, with a next-gen wave set to release before Christmas, and Alexa now appearing in loads of third-party speakers. Google got in on the action with its Assistant-powered Google Home, and Google Home Mini. And it too now has opened up its voice assistant to third party speaker manufacturers.

One of the first companies to dive in with Google’s helper is Chinese brand Mobvo with the TicHome Mini. Costing $99 (around £75 / AU$130), it is able to perform any task the Google Home can through the power of voice alone, and brings with it a killer unique selling point: portability. But have other compromises been made to make it pocketable?



The TicHome Mini looks like a stout hockey puck. Available in a range of colors including teal, pink, black and white (which we’ve been testing), each stands just 43mm tall, with a 110mm diameter. Silver edging is found across the range, with each featuring four physical buttons along the top side.

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