Ministry of Sound Audio L Plus review: Much more than a Clubber’s Guide

Who would have thought that Ministry of Sound would be an obvious Sonosmulti-room audio competitor? That’s exactly where the Audio L Plus is targeting its attention, as the top-of-line product in the MoS Audio range.

Forget sweat-dripping-from-the-ceiling clubs with DJs spinning vinyl dubplates back in the early 1990s, though, the Audio L Plus is all about the here and now. It’s neat and tidy in appearance, capable of networked multi-room support, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, or wired input to blast out those beats – or other musical genres of your choice.

Having recently seen the affordable Audio On headphones from the same line, which were rather bass-heavy in their tuning, does the Ministry of Sound Audio┬áL Plus manage a more balanced output to appeal to not only Clubber’s Guide fans familiar with the brand, but a wider audience too?

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