Marantz CD6006 UK Edition review

When it comes to CD players, few manufacturers come close to matching Marantz’s track record.

The company has always been a strong force, but in recent years it has made the more affordable end of the market its own by producing a long series of class-leading machines.

The CD6006 UK Edition gives no sign of that vice-like grip easing.


The UK Edition is a specially tweaked version of the CD6006 for this country, and it replaces the original in the UK (thought the standard CD6006 continues in the rest of Europe). Marantz has a similar upgrade for the partnering PM6006 amplifier in the pipeline.

Those familiar with the standard (and, let’s not forget, Award-winning) CD6006 may well look at this player and wonder if anything has changed. Take the UK Edition badge off the new one and they look identical.

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