Marantz CD6006 review

At no point has it been broken – a string of What Hi-Fi? Awards dating back to the turn of the 21st century attests to that – but nevertheless Marantz has gone ahead and fixed its 6000 series CD player every year regardless.

This latest version, the CD6006, has undergone numerous changes from the 2015 Award-winning CD6005 – not least a price hike to £400 from the outgoing machine’s £330/$495.

None of the changes are fundamental, but taken as a whole they contribute to making the CD6006 a superior disc-player to the CD6005 it replaces.

Build and connectivity

Looking at it, though, you’d be forgiven for think Marantz had, for once, left well enough alone. The chassis dimensions and the fascia layout will be familiar to anyone who’s so much as glanced at a 6000 series CD player in the past.
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