Libratone Zipp 2 hand-on review: Smart just got smarter

The Libratone Zipp has always been a smart speaker. Dressed in fabric and sealed with a zip, we’ve always liked the sartorial distinction this speaker offers: it’s not a black plastic lump, it’s bright, it’s different and now it’s somewhat iconic.

That Libratone decided to retain the design of the Zipp should come as no surprise, but on the inside the Zipp 2 is a different beat – a smart speaker that’s now a lot smarter.

Alexa, play me some tunes

The Libratone Zipp 2 offers native Amazon Alexa voice control, giving you access to your music via voice. While the original Zipp had a software update to enable compatibility with Alexa previously, this is activated by button press, so it wasn’t the full hands-off experience that you expect from a smart speaker.

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