Leema Elements pre/power review

The proverb ‘the more the merrier’ might not necessarily be true, and can certainly be disproved by the amount of hi-fi separates you have setting up camp in the living room.

The modular approach to system building may not always be the tidiest, but it has merit when it comes to versatility and future proofing that integrated boxes don’t necessarily show.

Take the amplifiers in Leema Acoustics’ entry-level Elements range, for example. The pre and power models can be used together in a traditional stereo set-up (as we have here), as well as separately in different scenarios.


The 55W per channel power amp can bi-amplify an existing integrated amp, go standalone with a CD player or DAC thanks to its internal analogue volume control, or even be used in multiples in monobloc mode (where the output is increased to 210W) for stereo or multi-channel systems.

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