JBL Link 300 review: A smart value

The JBL Link 300 stands as an affordable competitor to Amazon’s Echo line and a fair alternative to the variety of Google-branded products. Its unassuming design camouflages into any office, den, or kitchen space. Though it may not be quite as loud as the Google Home Max, it offers a comparable sound and takes up less space. Oh, yeah, it’s also $200 cheaper than the Home Max smart speaker.

Who’s it for?

  • Anyone looking to transform their house into a smart home. JBL’s Link 300 is effectively a smaller Google Home Max that performs exceptionally well.
  • Home cooks (and bakers): As a frequent baker, no longer having to constantly wash my hands to skip a song is liberating. The Link 300 accurately picks up on voices, even when spoken at a below-average volume. Plus, Google is able to read recipes and break them down step-by-step. Who needs to cook with friends anymore?

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