JBL Control X Wireless review

As any good contortionist will tell you, flexibility is an important quality to have. The same is true, to an extent, of hi-fi.

When you’ve got great-sounding audio in the home, you’ll want the flexibility to have the same great sound outside for impromptu parties. That’s the pitch that JBL’s new Control X Wireless are putting forward, anyway.


We expected Control X Wireless to be one speaker, but it’s a pair in a master-and-slave configuration. Your audio is sent to one speaker, and then wirelessly streamed to the second – as long as it’s within a 30m range.

Or, if you have two pairs of Control X Wireless, you can connect the four speakers together so audio sent to one master speaker is then shared to three slaves. And in order to get round the issue of having two master speakers, you can turn one of them into another slave speaker by flicking the toggle on the back.

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