JBL Charge 2+ review

The JBL Charge 2+ was originally launched at £150/$225. And at even that price it’s knocking on the five-star door.

At £40/$60 less, we throw open the entrance and welcome a bone fide rival to our UE Roll 2 2016 Award-winner.


A larger and heavier proposition than the UE – it weighs in at 600g; well over the UE’s 330g – the JBL also has some tricks up its passive bass radiator-equipped sleeve.

Most intriguing is the JBL’s ‘Social Mode’ option. Here you can connect up to three Bluetooth-equipped music devices, letting, for example, a group of friends listen to each other’s tunes.

Democracy in action, you say? A sort of democracy, we suggest. In Social Mode, to hear your tune you just hit Play – the JBL immediately stops what it was doing and plays your song.

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